Skincare and night time essentials.

Hello again.

Good News it’s almost Friday, which for me always means a perfect opportunity to do a little bit of self-care and indulgence. 


Whether that be a big bubble bath or a cup of hot cocoa there are numerous ways that one can find enjoyment on their Friday Night. Sometimes I feel like seeing friends or dancing all night around the town, however some nights I just want to be home and find a little bit of inner peace and happiness after a long and rather stressful week.


I use a few products which I feel have really helped me to relax and feel pretty pampered.  Let’s just call it a night time routine. Have a beautiful weekend and hopefully you feel a bit special too! You are worth it. xxx


I always light numerous candles- they are my fave. Secondly I am a big fan of my beautiful buddha sculpture. I love art and pottery. I think it’s such an incredible skill to have. I make use of an incense burner thing. I use the fragrance “SUN” from a beautiful shop in Woodstock called “Indigenous” – Definitely worth a visit if you’re ever Woodstock side. 

In terms of face masks I can be pretty fussy sometimes. Yet I absolutely love the Body Shop “Seaweed” clay mask. I don’t recommend it though if your skin is rather dry, if so I recommend using the Nuxe “Masque Purificant” I got it for Christmas last year and although it is a rather luxurious product it really is worth it. So moisturising and purifying. 

Lastly just before I hope into bed I will put some “Night” Oil on my temples, neck, wrists etc. It’s from a company called “wass” – A natural aromatherapy business stocking amazing products. 


So yeah, those are all of my current favourites at the moment. It’s winter in South Africa at the moment so I won’t lie when I say that I am probably having one too many of these pamper nights. hahahaha, I think it’s good for the soul though. 


All my love