An Introduction.

It feels incredibly surreal that I have finally decided to start a blog.

It’s something that I have been ruminating over for the past few months. I believe the thing that was holding me back the most was the whole idea of “what can I really offer?”. I came to the conclusion that what I want to offer is how to truly learn and accept yourself. You are an incredible human being incase you did not know. 

I am a firm believer in treating your body like a temple and your mind an extension of it. So yes, this is only the beginning. The beginning of a platform where I can share wholesome recipes that make you feel good on the inside and outside. A site where I can show you the absolute passion that I have for yoga and how it has honestly changed my life as well as a general space for love, encouragement, mental health and kindness.

I believe that the world needs just a little more kindness on a day to day basis and that’s what I hope to share with you. 

Have fun and happy reading.