Hello Again!


I’m here today to talk about something that I am more than 98% sure each individual on this planet has struggled with before. Balance, balance more specifically in terms of food and living that “healthy lifestyle” that we all so badly want to maintain.


The truth is, whilst yes, personally I have found it relatively easy on my behalf to keep up with the “health track” I am by no means perfect and do find myself at times feeling really crumby for something “bad” that I ate or something which I would never usually indulge in.


In the past it used to really freak me out. I hated losing control of what I was putting into my mouth and even social gatherings would sometimes cause me get nervous whether there was going to be  a healthy option for me to eat or not.


Obviously, with growth and my own personal development I have managed to move away from this whole idea that certain  foods are “good” and “bad” for you. I instead view food to this day as something which should add nutrients and nourishment to your body, so yes a delicious chopped up salad with all the veggies and greens will definitely be beneficial to your body! But that by no means implies that it’s not okay for you to enjoy a slice of cake when you want to!


What I am trying to say is that I have learnt ( and still am learning) how to listen and be in tune with my body. I do love eating good healthy foods, like my green smoothies and raw desserts, simply because they make me feel good inside and provide a “glow” which really does make me feel alive, however, I know that if I am out for dinner with loved ones or having an amazing Sunday adventure day at a beautiful wine farm or a restaurant with a seaview and all I want is a scoop of the peanut butter ice cream from the creamery– honestly best artisanal ice cream in Cape Town, I will go and buy that ice cream and enjoy all of its flavour and creaminess.

For you see one cannot hold a form of guilt against or alongside food. Food is just food after all. You can never go back to a certain day or a certain moment, the experience takes place in present time so you just have to be conscious of what you want and what will fill your soul and enjoy the moment! 


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What you should know- YOGA

Hello lovely individuals.

I hope that you’ve been having a lovely week so far. I have been on holiday now for a bit and it has been pure bliss. Whilst having all this extra time on my hands I have seriously loved doing yoga pretty much every day of the week.


For a while I’ve been in a bit of a work-out slump. I felt like I was working out rather intensely, running longer distances etc. but not feeling good about it. Since reconnecting in my practice I’ve really felt my passion and overall will to exercise increase. It feels so good to move your body in the right way, and yoga allows me to do just that.

So if you’ve never tried it I 100% encourage you to give it a go. Seriously, I have never walked out of a yoga class or stepped out of a pose and not felt better. There is something about the practice that just opens your heart to the many joys and blessings that life has to give you.


I have decided to add a few yoga tips and “what to bring along to your first class” for all the newbies out there. Heck, I am still a new yogi, whilst I’ve been practising for around 2 years now I have so much to learn still and I am uber excited for the challenge and the growth that lies ahead.



  • Make sure you don’t eat a heavy meal prior to class. I sometimes snack on a few almonds etc. if I feel I need the extra boost, but leave at least 1 1/2 hours of no-eating before you enter class.
  • For your first class I recommend going at least 20 minutes early, you never know what the parking situation is and it’s super nice to meet your instructor-let them know it’s your first time and of any injuries you may have.
  • Never compare yourself to others. Yoga is a personal journey. You are doing your best and that is what counts.
  • It’s okay to giggle a bit in class, I know what it can be like if you go with friends or family, but try to be mindful of the others around you. Especially when leaving the room and individuals are still in shavasana.
  • I always bring along a water but I try not drinking during class, I find it hinders my practice a bit and makes me less flexible. If you are feeling dizzy or not too good just be sure to lie down and focus on your breath.
  • Have fun and just try your best.