hello lovelies

This week I really wanted to focus on a few things namely mindfulness, happiness and inner trust. I truthfully believe that all three are interconnected and that’s what I wanted to explore a bit more.

Mindfulness is such a big part of my life, it never used to be- being a fairly anxious individual- but now I cannot imagine my life without practising mindfulness.


So what exactly is it?

For me I would have to define it as a conscious effort to being aware of all of your surroundings, all of what you have and what you have been blessed with. Mindfulness means showing gratitude for what you have and what you simultaneously do not have. It is a state of inner peace with oneself and the world around them.


It can be incredibly difficult to establish mindfulness sometimes, with the ever-growing and fast-paced world things can get pretty chaotic rather quickly. I have put together a list of my favourite things to do in order to bring myself back to a state of “mindfulness” and serenity.

  1. Garden walks in nature – I take my little dogs with me which they absolutely adore.
  2. Sitting with a cup of your favourite tea and a good book. Pure bliss.
  3. Doing yoga, when it doubt – yoga it out.
  4. Just breathe- meditate for 10 minutes, you don’t have to panic that you’re doing it right! Just calmly sit or lie in a comfy position, eyes opened or closed and focus on your breath. You’ll be fine, I promise.
  5. Go on pinterest and find inspirational or mindful quotes, sounds silly but it always manages to make me feel better.
  6. Speak to loved ones or just be around good company.
  7. Laugh from the soul and appreciate the beautiful life you have.

Have a swell Monday.



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